Privacy & policy

Rishi Yogshala understands & respects the right to privacy of personal information enjoyed by every individual. We commit to use the personal information acquired on our marketing website as disclosed and stated in this document.


♦The privacy coverage is to nation the kinds of personal facts gathered approximately the traveler, using the personal information so gathered, transfer or disclosure of the information to a third party, if in any respect and the choices the client/visitor is granted to edit the information obtained at the site.

♦ is a social site and might be connected to different websites. But, Rishi Yogshala is in no way (known or unknown) has the authority to govern the functioning of those third-party websites.

♦This privacy policy announcement is handiest applicable to and no longer to the opposite third parties linked to us. The use of facts in third-birthday celebration websites’ arms is their sole duty and Rishi Yogshala is not accountable for the act conducted via them.

♦The traffic on our internet site will by no means be asked to disclose personal records that is not applicable to the operating of the website or otherwise applicable to their personal communication with the site. No in my opinion identifiable statistics is acquired unknowingly. Only a deliberate and well-said try will be undertaken for the same. The customers might be asked for their call and email cope with to behavior primary verbal exchange and in case of bookings, information like their preferred dates, course opted for and kind of accommodation might be collected.

♦Private records so amassed in due route of conversation with the purchaser isn’t shared, rented or traded with any third birthday celebration. But we might exchange basic information with the third party for the services they may be rendering to Rishikul Yogshala. Also, such basic information can be used by our management to contact our clients in future for advertising and comments purposes. But the purchaser is free to opt out of from all such future communications, remarks enquires and promotional approaches. They can ship a mail at and willingly forestall all types of destiny verbal exchange with the site.

♦Usage of cookies isn’t always undertaken via We do music the time of login, date, browser type, language and IP address. All this statistics is received to remedy the issues related to database and is in no manner used to tune personal statistics about the clients.


♦In case of bookings with Rishi Yogshala, we will ask customers to fill an in depth application form for acquiring other information applicable to the route and stay. This data may be handy to the control personnel of Rishi Yogshala including personnel & service providers.

♦The information acquired by the online application form will not be disclosed to any third party user without our client’s consent and knowledge. Although in case of the requirement by law under some act like a search warrant or other legal process or requirement or as necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Rishi Yogshala, our staff, our clients, or others we shall do the needful.

♦Client’s information so acquired will be used for future communication, marketing purposes and also for promotional reasons.

♦The proper to be contacted or not is personal selection of the client. Keeping the identical into consideration, we can be presenting decide in or opt out option to every client. They can willfully decide-out in the event that they do not want to be contacted for any functions in future.


♦We shall not be responsible for any faults conducted by our clients in safeguarding their information. Some of the instances would be when they share a computer with some other person, leaving the browser window open after use, when using a computer in a public place, etc.

♦Our diligent control personnel is rigorously running on fixing and answering our client’s queries. Any request for updating, deleting or editing client’s records shall be placed to effect as soon as possible. We would request our clients to be patient in the identical regard.

♦With the internet being exposed to multiple dangers and damages like virus attacks, hacking occasions or other method of unauthorized access, its stability can not be guaranteed. In such cases, Rishi Yogshala will no longer be held answerable for any loss, misuse or theft of personal information of the clients. But the same, if observed through any client must be brought to observe of the management staff immediately. Strict motion together with investigation or every other felony motion would be undertaken immediately. While we could be contacted thru email, smartphone services are taken into consideration to be a higher medium, as the e-mail offerings might be beneath commentary of the authority of hackers or a third-birthday celebration invader. In such cases as well, Rishikul Yogshala is not answerable for the loss or divulging of personal facts of the client.

♦The inherent nature of the time can not be reversed. Similarly in case of any merger, acquisition, consolidation, sale or dissolution of personal property of Rishi Yogshala, the client’s information, that’s an asset to the company, can be shared, transferred or given away. With taking offerings from Rishikul Yogshala we anticipate your consent within the same.

♦The privacy coverage laid down via Rishi Yogshala is a belongings of the corporation. They can amend, delete or add any rule to its policy. The customers are expected to check the privacy policy web page regularly. Especially within the case once they plan to make any further communication or further live with us for a course. In case of any huge or material change, the corporation would adopt steps to tell the clients approximately the same.