"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

Rishi Yogshala is an actual guided retreat opportunity for the honest seeker in the effective Himalayan place with the aid of Rishi Yogshala. A hub for genuine religious practice, transformation coaching and studies into ancient techniques of self-exploration, Rishi Yogshala provides 200 Hours, 300 Hours and 500 Hours of Yoga Alliance licensed teacher-education courses, retreats and nature treks, guided meditations, chanting, prayer and healing sessions.

The Himalayan area is considered a deity within the Hindu pantheon, and is empowered to support religious practices. The adage “much less is more” holds genuine here.

Why choose us..

Join us inside the sacred Himalayan mountains of Rishikesh, India for an holistic and transformative experience of yoga, meditation, and non secular discovery. Your journey starts offevolved with the Himalayan religious grasp Rishi Yogshala, who has spent 14 years following the path of India’s ancient yogi masters learning strategies of meditation and yoga. At a young age he spent 4 winters of solitude in a faraway cave deep in the Himalayas, overcoming fear and ego thru extreme tests of survival and courage.

Rishi Yogshala offers a unique enjoy for the honest non secular seeker, with 200, 300, and 500 hour Yoga Alliance licensed Yoga Teacher Training courses, Reiki degree I-III certification, and five to fifteen day yoga and meditation retreats. During your stay with us you may beautify your religious development and revel in thru non-obligatory treatments, such as Ayuvedic doctor consultations, emotional blockage treatments, and Reiki healing.

Our Mission

Rishi Yogshala is devoted to offering sincere suggestion and steerage to striving spiritual aspirants in today’s complicated present day times, and employs a diverse array of strategies to fit varied personality kinds and backgrounds. A part of the income from Rishi Yogshala is going to helping the schooling of young girls in rural Indian villages, giving them the equipment to manifest achievement of their lives and come to be a source of idea of their villages.

Rishi Yogshala hopes to spread the yogic knowledge and practices he has learned through the years around the world, to assist inspire and inspire human beings to exchange their lives that might not have the possibility to come and learn without delay from him in India. If you are inquisitive about supporting Rishi Yogshala provide support to rural Indian villages or need to assist Rishi unfold the historic yogic know-how and practices through website hosting him in your own home country.


There’s hardly any place inside the international like India where you could truly experience the intensity of this ancient expertise and research it from the core. If you’re devoted to unraveling the secrets and techniques of this age-old science subsequently you’ll grow to be enrolling for yoga instructor education in India because that’s where you will learn its true essence.

Here in India, you will revel in a life-transforming adventure as you find out the historical awareness of yoga from the actual yoga masters. Our yoga applications are for everyone, those who are seeking to apply the teachings of yoga to every issue in their life, no longer just teach the masses. Here you’ll no longer best gain a robust base in numerous asanas or bodily activities however additionally move deep into the religious aspects that form the core of yoga. Every asana and its philosophy will come up with deep insights into your frame and the way it works. We will additionally offer insights into the distinct dimensions of a yogic way of life if you want to explore that will in the end help you take a look at the world from a different perspective.

If you really experience the urge to immerse within the studying of yoga then yoga instructor training in Rishikesh may be an eye-opening experience for you. The spiritual vibe of this mystique metropolis coupled with the yogic practices will will let you discover the ‘disconnection’ and work on it to unite with the dehi or atma and find liberation.

Rooms & Food during the course

Rishi Yogshala is conveniently positioned in the banks of sacred river Ganga (Ganges) and has a separate building in which Yoga direction is imparted and has rooms for the scholars to live all through the route. The rooms are simple yet cushty with basic amenities. One can pick single room or a shared room (subject to earlier booking). Our path is a totally residential direction and includes clean and cushty accommodation in the college premise in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner organized with homemade style and holistic foods. All provisions are aware of the yogic requirements of our budding yogis.


CErtified yoga school

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